General information
Full name Pamela Mitchell-Halliwell
Born 13 April 2006
Alias None
Classification Upper-level
Species Witchlighter
Diversity none
Distinction Strategist Cheif of the Magical Resistance
Family information
Family Halliwell family
Affiliation Information
Status Alive
Alignment Good (temporaly Evil)
Pamela is a Whitelighter-Witch, daughter of former Charmed One Paige Matthews. She gained her aunt Piper's power of speeding up molecules. She has access to whitelighter powers of orbing, healing and sensing.

Pamela had her powers bound by her mother who wanted to give her a life as normal as possible though she regained her powers in her teenage years when the magical community was exposed. After the government declared witches to be a threat and legalized the activities of witch hunters Pamela and her family went into hidding. 



Pamela birth was an unplanned pregnancy though her parents were overjoyed nevertless. When she begun to manifest her powers her mother decided to bind them to give her a normal life. She would often play with her cousins Chris, Wyatt and Prue Jr. when they would hang out in the Manor, often jealous that her cousins were allowed to keep their powers.

When she was around eight there was a great magical war caused by the Source in which the magical community's existance was revealed to mortals. When she was around twelve her mother give her powers back and begun to train her in the ways of witchcraft. She also had to deal with her adopted brother, Jason Kent, who was a member of a family of warlocks that had fought in the side of the Source during the war.

Teenage YearsEdit

Pamela grew up in times when people born with magic were captured and killed, either by the government or by angry mobs. She saw people she cared about being hurt or killed such as her aunt Piper or her own mother who died and returned as a full whitelighter.

She grew resenting Jason and would often make nasty comments towards him when other people were not around. Instead she would hang out with Wyatt and Prue Jr. and would often share their more violent views towards witch hunters.

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