Patricia Irene Halliwell Trudeau is Andy and Prue's 2nd child and only daughter. Born August 7, 2004. Patty was the baby of the family. She is 2 months older than her cousin Rachel. She was name after her after her 2 grandmothers Patty Halliwell and Irene Trudeau. She is very close to her older half brother Peter. Prue when she held Patty after she was born she told Piper and Paige "as much I love Peter and Phillip but I always wanted a daughter now I have one and I always wanted to name her after mom and Andy gave her his mom name for the middle name". Patty aways wonder what Peter why he hates his dad and tell Peter "That's your daddy". Phillip hated Patty when she frist came home after being born Peter told Philip that he hated him when they frist met. Her and Rachel travel back in time to 2003 explains that they traveled from 2025 to warn The Charmed One about The Titans. she was known as "Patty Smith" by the charmed ones and Leo and Andy. She was born at San Francisco Memorial when the older verison of her cousin Rachel and her went back in time to stop her older brother Philip and her cousin Melinda form truning evil. Patty said goodbye to her father and her "little" older brothers Peter and Philip she told Philip to be good and Peter said "see you latter Patty" Patty and Peter hug. She and Andy said their she told Andy " Don't worry about me daddy I will be okay". Her older self die when she was stoping Gideon after he killed after Gideon killed her cousin Rachel. She have a good relatonship with both her mom and dad. After Patty's brith Prue become overprotected with her, Peter and Phillip do to Patty's older self had die.


Her powers


High Resistance

Spell Casting

Potion making


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