Paul Halliwell is son of Andy Trudeau and Prue Halliwell he's only current appearance is the Son of Andy and Prue. His powers include telekinesis and astral projection like his mother and the basic ability's of a witch.


Not much is known of Paul is apart from after the death of his mother Andy bind his powers and moved to New York with him and remained there until Paul was sixteen then Andy returned to San Francisco with his son for a friends' funeral from which Paul had inherited a car later on in the day Paul calls a friend in New York who gives him some info about any Prue Halliwells that died in 2001 after being told the information Paul went for a spin in the car and went to the Halliwell manner and was confronted by Piper who then embraces and shows him to his cousins and tells him his responsibility about being a witch and unbinds his powers. After confronting his father about the manner he promises to bind his powers because he saw the pain his farther went through with Prue dying. At the end it is revealed in order for Prue's spirit to be summoned the angel of destiny said that it has be by the one that misses her the most. Andy bursts into the attic to only see Prue's spirit being resurrected.


Paul is a kind considerate and serious person and is not afraid to stand up to what he believes in.


Paul is currently the only non hybrid witch of all the children of the charmed ones Melinda Halliwell originally just a witch but the Elders activated her dormant Whitelighter genes.

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