Phillip Victor Halliwell Trudeau born a month before his cousin Melinda he is the frist child of Andy and Prue together. He is the 2nd son of Prue. The younger half brother of Peter and the older brother of Patricia. He had power from the womb. Was born in the family room in the manor with Paige as Prue's midwife. His frist name was pick by his father becuas Andy like that name and his mother pick his middle name after his grandpa Victor Bennet. He and Melinda became friends with Manticore Baby. Penny fell in love with him at his and Melinda's Wiccaning. When he was a baby he conjured a fire-breathing dragon. In the Alternate Future Reality He and Melinda are a evil duo and he was the one that kill Peter said "He mr know it all" and ask her that he was not his boss. That when his yonger sister Patricia and his younger cousin Rachel from the future came when he was about a year old to stop him and Melinda from turning evil. At the time of his younger cousin Rachel's birh his evil older self whent at with his own mother he told Prue "you can't stop me MOTHER". In the change future he have a good relationship with both his mother and father and loves to played with his cousin Melinda. Was born January 12, 2003.

His powers



High Resistance


Spell Casting

Potion making


His Nicknames

Phil by everyone