Phoebe Halliwell
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Biographical Information
Full Name

Phoebe Halliwell

Born November 2nd, 1975
  • Charmed One (formerly)
  • Queen of the Underworld
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Familial Information
  • Patricia Halliwell
  • Victor Bennett
Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers
Active Powers
Other Powers
  • College Student (formerly)
  • Columnist (formerly)
  • Halliwell Manor (formerly)
  • Penthouse Suite

Phoebe Halliwell is the youngest daughter of Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennett. She is the younger sister of Prue and Piper Halliwell and the older half-sister of Paige Matthews.

Formerly a Charmed One, Phoebe currently holds the title of Queen of the Underworld alongside her husband Cole Turner, the Source of All Evil. She had become partly demonic to survive the birth of her son, Parker. The transformation has enhanced her psychic powers, making her the new Seer.


Early Life

Phoebe was born as the youngest of three sisters. As the youngest, she was liked by everyone and was the most spoiled. Phoebe never got to know her mother as she died when she was only two years old, which troubled her for years. During her teens, Phoebe became a rebel and often got in trouble, earing her a bad reputation in high school.

Phoebe had a difficult relationship with her sister Prue due to being complete opposites. At one point, Prue and Phoebe were caught in an accident and Prue blamed herself for Phoebe breaking her leg. When Prue became enganged to Roger, he tried to make a move on Phoebe, which further complicated her relationship with Prue. After Grams died, Phoebe ran away to New York to start a new life and tried to find her father.

Charmed Life

Phoebe returned home after her life in New York fell apart and found the Book of Shadows in the attic. She gained the power of Precognition. Phoebe enjoyed being a witch the most and actively studied magic. She was dissapointed in lacking an active power and started studying martial arts to be able to herself. After a while as a witch, Phoebe decided to go back to college and get a degree.

Phoebe later developed the power of Levitation. She also met district attorney Cole Turner, who secretly was the demon Belthazor sent to kill them. Cole tried to seduce Phoebe, but ended up falling in love with her. When the truth was revealed, Phoebe helped him fake his death. Cole returned not much later and Phoebe had to come clean to her sisters, who reluctantly accepted the relationship.

When Cole was seduced back to evil, Phoebe fought for him and brought him back to good. However, this meant she was not present when the demon Shax attacked Piper and Prue, as her remaining in the underworld was part of the deal to reset time after magic was exposed.

Charmed Again

When the Source ordered his demons to kill them, Phoebe and Leo were able to escape the Underworld and found Prue and Piper in the manor. Leo chose to heal Piper first, though it was already too late for Prue. The night before the funeral, Piper cast a spell in a desperate attempt get her sister back, though it acutally led Paige Matthews to the funeral. Phoebe then had a premonition about Shax attacking her and the sisters eventually learned Paige was their half-sister, destined to restore the Power of Three.

The sisters ultimately united with Paige and managed to vanquish Shax, thus avenging Prue and restoring the Power of Three. Phoebe was able to quickly accept Paige into the family, though Piper struggled to accept her.

Phoebe was later confronted with Cole's past again when a similar demon was killing witches and a widow accused Cole of killing her husband. However, Phoebe chose to see the good in Cole and his demonic half was later vanquished, making him mortal. She also accepted his proposal and helped him adapt to mortal life.

The Charmed Ones later faced the Source of All Evil when The Seer predicted his death and he obtained a powerful force known as the Hollow. The sisters succeeded in vanquishing the Source by calling on the power of their ancestors, though unknown to all, the essence of the Source possessed Cole instead.

Cole as the Source

While the sisters believed the Source was vanquished, his essence merged with Cole. However, his love for Phoebe remained and together with the Seer, he began planning to lure Phoebe toward evil and conceiving an heir. He tricked Phoebe into having a dark wedding and later impregnated her after slipping her a potion to ensure the child would be evil.

Phoebe eventually discovered she was pregnant and learned the truth about Cole through the Seer when her unborn child manifested evil powers. At the same time, Piper and Paige teamed up with a Wizard to steal the Grimoire. However, the Wizard betrayed them and made a deal with Cole to extract the essence of the Source. Under manipulation of the Seer, Phoebe vanquished the Wizard and chose to rule the Underworld at his side out of love for Cole and their child.

Queen of the Underworld

Three months later, Phoebe had moved into the penthouse with Cole and accepted her new role as Queen of the Underworld. However, the strain of her pregnancy was getting to her. Meanwhile, the Seer had been providing her with tonics to strengthen the baby. Meanwhile, Cole continued to unite the Underworld under their rule.

While listening in on a meeting, Phoebe overheard demons talking about an innocent and received a premonition. Having never ignored a premonition in her life, Phoebe went to her sisters. However, Piper was furious and tried to vanquish her. Phoebe explained that she could still save innocents and be with Cole, though Piper and Leo told her that she would have to make a choice. After saving the innocent, Phoebe sent the demon away and he reported back to Cole. Cole became furious and told her that she needed to make a choice.

When Phoebe poured a tonic over a potted plant, it rotted and died. Phoebe confronted the Seer about poisoning her child, though the Seer replied that the child needed it to be able to handle its demonic powers. Phoebe then became sick and threw up, though Cole comforted her and told her she did not need the tonic.

Meanwhile, Piper, Paige and Leo arrived at he penthouse and tried to vanquish Cole. Phoebe was left with an impossible choice and nearly sided with her sisters, until she felt her baby kick for the first time. She then freed Cole from the crystal cage and sided with him against her sisters, finally making a choice. When Piper tried to attack Cole, Phoebe defended him and used her powers to stop her sister. By attacking her sister with magic, Phoebe shattered the Power of Three. Her family then quickly orbed away, both angry and devastated.

Womb Raider

As her pregnancy continued and she was about to give birth, Phoebe stopped taking the tonic and her child grew stronger and healthier. Meanwhile, Cole heard rumors of a demon called the Tall Man seeking to overthrow him and kill his wife and son, so he confronted the demon only to be lured into a trap by the Seer. The Seer then confronted Phoebe and told her the truth. She had been manipulating everything in order to claim Cole and Phoebe's son and use his power to declare herself the new Source of All Evil.

The Seer sent the Tall Man to attack Phoebe, but she managed to vanquish him with the power of her unborn child. However, the Seer still managed to capture her and tried to perform a ceremony to extract the child from her womb. However, Cole broke free from the Seer's trap and stopped the ritual. However, the stress caused Phoebe to go into early labor.

The Seer laughed and told Phoebe that she was not powerful enough to survive the birth, as her son's powers would kill her and himself in the process. Cole then stabbed the Seer and vanquished her. He quickly summoned a priest holding the Grimoire for help. The priest told them that Phoebe could only survive the birth if she became demonic herself. Phoebe agreed to save both her own life and that of her son. By using the blood of the Seer, Phoebe then performed a spell to become partly demon, becoming the new Seer in the process. She then went into labor and gave birth to a son, Parker Benjamin Turner.

Rivalry with Hecate

When Hecate discovered Phoebe had become queen and given birth to an heir, the former queen became furious. She worked with a demonic faction and managed to kidnap Parker, intending to raise him as her own. However, Phoebe managed to track her down with her new demonic powers and battled her minions.

When Hecate threatened to kill Parker, Phoebe was left powerless to stop her, though her son sensed danger and defended himself by setting Hecate on fire. Phoebe then fought Hecate and banished her to purgatory for all eternity.

Powers and Abilities

  • Phoebe levitating for the first time
  • Phoebe throwing a stream of fire

Basic Powers

  • Spell Casting: The ability to write and cast spells and perfom rituals. Phoebe is exceptionally talented at writing spells.
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew potions.

Active Powers

  • Premonition: The power to see the past, present and future in premonitions and dreams. While originally uncontrollable, Phoebe's power advanced over time, allowing her more control over her premonitions and getting greater detail. Her power also grants her enhanced intuition, sensing upcoming danger and predicting the actions of others. After becoming demonic through the Seer's blood, Phoebe's original power was greatly enhanced. However, she is still not as gifted as the Seer and cannot always see the future at will.
  • Levitation: The ability to rise in the air and defy gravity. Phoebe used this power in combination with her martial arts to become a great fighter. She became very skilled in using this power and became able to propel herself through the air.
  • Glistening: A form of teleportation in which the user appears and disappeared through light, leaving a glistening contour of the body for a short period of time.
  • Fire Throwing: The ability to throw a stream of fire from one's hands. Phoebe gained this power after becoming demonic, though it had been present in her blood from a past life.
  • Sensing: The ability to sense the location of other beings by thinking about them. This ability is more potent due to her psychic abilities.

Other Powers

  • High Resistance: The ability to be more resistant to injuries and magical powers. Phoebe possesses this power due to being an upper-level witch. Her resistance was further enhanced when she became demonic.
  • Immortality: The ability to possess an infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process. Phoebe became immortal when she became demonic and will never age again.

Professional Life

Temp Jobs: As a young adult, Phoebe had various jobs over the years. She worked as a bartender in New York. Later she worked as a psychic in a hotel, a real-estate assistent and as Prue's assistent at Bucklands. However, none of these jobs lasted long.

College: Phoebe eventually decided to go back to college and get a degree. She eventually chose the major psychology and gratuated in early 2001.

Columnist: After gratuating from college, Phoebe got a job as a columnist at the Bay Mirror, a local newspaper after she took over writing the column for an innocent named Karen Young. Both Karen and her boss were impressed and Phoebe was offered the column. After becoming Queen of the Underworld, Phoebe's found it increasingly difficult to maintain her job and her advice grew darker. After some issues with her boss and a lawsuit, Phoebe decided to quit.

Romantic Life

  • Cole, the demon

Clay Rivers: Clay was Phoebe's boyfriend in New York, who she eventually broke up with when she dicovered he was a thief. He returned in her life when she became a witch and tried to sell Prue a cursed object, which nearly killed him until he risked his life for Phoebe. He was aware of magic, but kept the sisters' secret as he returned to New York alone.

Cole Turner: Cole Turner, also known as the demon Belthazor, tried to seduce Phoebe to get close to her sisters, but ultimately fell in love with her and became good. Cole almost turned evil several times, but Phoebe's love kept him good.

Phoebe supported him when he was accused of murdering a witch and when his demonic half was vanquished, making him mortal. Cole later proposed and after some consideration, Phoebe accepted and they got married. Their love was powerful enough for it to survive Cole being possessed by the Source and remained when they merged into one. After she became pregnant, Phoebe chose Cole over her sisters and followed him down the path of evil. She remained at Cole's side and eventuallt gave birth to his son.