Piper Halliwell was the matriarch of the Halliwell wiccan family, one of the famous Charmed Ones and mother to two of the three known Witchlighters in the world. As a witch Piper posses the three wiccan powers as well powers based on molecules, including slowing down, speeding up, accelaration and transformation.


Birth and Early Charmed LifeEdit

Piper was born in San Francisco to Patty Halliwell and mortal Victor Bennet and was the middle child. In High School she was a outcast who often drawn in her jeans and was the nerd of the Halliwell trio. She was often bullied and due to her shy nature she did not tell her more popular sisters. She eventually graduated from colegue and worked as a banker even though it was her dream to become a chef.

Six months after her grandmother's death Piper, Prue (Sr.) and Phoebe were turned into witches by Phoebe's reckless reading of a spell. Piper hated magic due to the constant interferences in normal life and feared her powers came from evil - and thus meant she was evil. Later Piper grew stronger in her powers especially after Prue's death and the birth of her children - Chris and Wyatt.

Exposure of MagicEdit

When Wyatt was twelve and Chris ten years old an old enemy, Cole Turner, returned from the dead and was crowned the Source. As part of his plan Cole stripped the Cleaners of their powers and then sent demons to attack witches causing inevitably magic to be exposed. There was tension between mortal and magical communities as mortals tried to understand if magic was a threat.

Piper lead the Halliwell family into public by coming out of the broomcloset in an attempt to prove that magic is a positive force. Her attempt were ill-fated when demons invade San Francisco in a bloody battle that culminated with Cole's vanquish and the government to declare witches a threat.

Murder and AfterlifeEdit

The Charmed Ones made use of the Spiritual Nexus to create a protective shield that kept mortals out and striped any evil magical being of her powers once inside. The Halliwell family made use of glamours when leaving to the outside world. However a demoness bent on gaining power in the underworld used an anti-glamour charm to unmask Piper as a witch and she was lynched alive. Despite Paige's attempts to save her sister by the time she managed to orb herself and her older sister to the Manor it was too late.

Piper continued to guide her children from the Afterlife, often interfering by flipping the Book of Shadows pages or by tapping into their spells.

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