Poppy Halliwell
Poppy Baxter Halliwell
Biographical Information
Nicknames None
Born 2020
Physical Information
  • Witch
  • Cupid
Gender Female
Hair Color

Wavy Brown

Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color White
Familial Information
  • Valentina Halliwell
  • Rose Halliwell
  • Violet Halliwell
Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers Witch Side:
  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying

Cupid Side:

  • Hearting
  • Empathy
  • Astral Suggestion
Active Powers
  • Photokinesis
  • Technopathy
  • Light Darts
  • Electrokinesis
  • Energy Projection
Occupation Social Worker
  • Phaith and Craig's Home (formerly)
  • Unidenified Apartment
  • The Charmed Ones
  • Family

Poppy Halliwell is the youngest of four sisters, she is the granddaughter of Phoebe Halliwell and Coop Valentino and she possesses the basic abilities of a witch-cupid with the silent Warren power of light manipulation (Photokinesis) she also possesses the ability to manipulate technology, energy, and electricity.

Early Life

Child Life

Poppy grew up as the child that also got the handy downs last and always the one to be spoiled by her family for being the cutest of the sisters. Poppy grew into her powers quite slowly since none of the family knew how the fourth Warren power worked because there was never a recording of the power until now.

Teen Years

Poppy began to be assumed by all who knew her sisters and herself to be the most irresponsible (for being the youngest) and the bratiest, though this is not true. Poppy was actually the most kind and strong of her sisters. Since she was assumed this way, she began to rebel against anyone who thought this way and got angry often, and because she was sometimes forgotten by her family she began to develop a independent and quiet personality, which was found quite odd in family of loud and happy people (because of Phoebe's loving personality and their half Cupid side).

Adult Life

Poppy left her home at the age of 21 after finishing College and getting a job as a Waitress at Piper's restaurant (which was tooken over by Chris) she found happiness with a man named Carl and they engaged three years later and had two daughters (Alice and Erica) whom developed the powers of Premonition (Alice) and Telekinesis (Erica). Poppy was concidered by her family to be the most happy, for being the quickest to find love, but took the longest to get married.

Wiccan Life

Poppy and her sisters grew around a minimal amount of demon fighting and hardly got associated with the lifestyle very easily because of it. Though Poppy was the most interested in developing her powers and saving the innocent she was the most excited to lose her powers when the Angel of Destiny came to her sisters, but it did not happen for Violet and Poppy reconsidered there thoughts.

Later Life

Poppy opened up her own business after quitting p3 as a cafe', near The Bay Mirror. She and Carl helped her daughters quite well with their powers, allowing them also to have a calm and peaceful lifestyle since they moved to a quiet home that was difficult for demons to find.

Powers & Abilities

Basic Abilities

Wiccan Abilities: The basic abilities of a witch include Spell Casting, Potion Making, Scrying, and Mediumship, and more. Poppy has all the basic abilities of a witch including the enhancements due to the Halliwell genes.

Cupid Abilities: The basic abilities of a cupid include Hearting, Empathy, and Astral Suggestion, and more. Poppy has all the basic abilities of a cupid including the enhancements due to the hybrid status.


Poppy has the ability to manipulate light with her mind (via hands and eyes). This is her Warren Power, but because of her Power of Four status, she was able to possess a secret Warren power which is light manipulation, this has been passed on through "Power of Fours" but it was never written down.

- Advanced Photokinesis

Poppy also possesses the advanced version of Photokinesis which comes in a much brighter and stronger light which has evolved from being a passive power into being a offensive power when she wants it to be, this advancement allows her to disperse the air and objects/people that the lights come in contact with, it has also been mentioned that it can also make what it touches "electric" and it slightly shocks anything.


Poppy has the ability to manipulate technology with her mind (via hands and eyes). This is her advanced power after Photokinesis

Light Darts

Poppy developed the ability a while after developing her Photokinetic power the power to shoot darts of light. This power (when in contact with something else) can shock and cause minor burns and cuts to whatever it touches.

- Optical Light Darts

Poppy possesses the ability to shoot her light darts through her eyes, though she has only shown this ability when she became overcome by mind control, making her slightly evil.

Energy Projection

Poppy has the ability to project variations of energy with her hands. This has shown to come in forms of energy blast, energy bolt, balls of energy, and energy sparks. She has a minor capability to create a invisible shield around herself.


Poppy has the ability to conjure and manipulate electricity. Poppy develops this ability years after her oldest daughter turns 8, this is shown when her sisters sees her sister's future without demon fighting.

Personality and Appearance


Poppy's personality is often described as courageous and optimistic, for Poppy always getting ahead of herself
with fighting demons and saving innocents and always thinking she will always be able to protect herself from getting killed.


Clothing: Poppy mostly wears simple clothes that look both casual and like "work attire", similiar to Prue (before she died) and Paige's style of dress.

Hair: Poppy is seen supporting mostly her hair in a simple hair bow or completely down. She is only seen with a more fancy and girly look when she is off to a date or just at home.

Makeup: Poppy's makeup choice is natural and elegant, she somtimes sports a dark brown and a light green eye shadow, but rarely goes without makeup at all.


Poppy is a feminine name, derived from the name popæg and referring to various species of Papaver. Her name meaning: a annual herb having showy flowers

Baxter is a name of Middle english origin, it means baker's meadow. There parents gave it to her as her middle name from her great great great great grandmother, P.Baxter. Though it is sometimes misunderstood to by others by it being confused with a simple boys name that was chosen and her parents did not remember.


Former Jobs

Baby Sitter - When Poppy was 13 years old she baby sat for people around her neighborhood and earned some money that enabled her to buy a jean jacket that was 3 sizes too big on her, she was able to wear in much later in the future and it became a regular wear when vanquishing demons.

Nurse - Poppy graduated college and was able to work as a nurse, Poppy enjoyed helping people in her job as well, allowing her to save more lives than her cousins. Though Poppy enjoyed this job she was constantly bothered by the Angel of Death, ghosts, and darklighters trying to kill, hurt, and bother people around the hospital, therefore she quit.

Assistant (Unidenified) - Poppy worked as an assistant for an unidenified company for a while, though it was never seen, only mentioned. She most likely quit the job before she temporarily took the job as a news reporter months later.

News Reporter (Temporary) - Poppy worked as a news reporter temporarily so that her charge would not get into troube for not coming to work. While her sisters took care of the charge, Taylor, Poppy used a spell to glamour her appearance and pretend to be Taylor, there was great deal of trouble Poppy went through since she did not work as a reporter before, though she did not jeopardize Taylor's career. Poppy never worked as a reporter again.

Curren Known or Possible Job

Social Worker - After seeing how social workers help people, and allow easy travel to avoid "family emergencys", Poppy started working as a Social worker and enjoyed it. She became friends with much of the staff and was able to save others and work at demons at the same time. It is mentioned that Poppy keeps this job for a long time.


  • Parents - Phaith Halliwell]] (mother), and Craig Burkman (father)
  • Siblings - Valentina Halliwell, Rose Halliwell, Violet Halliwell
  • Grandparents - Phoebe Halliwell, and Coop Valentina
  • Significant Cousins - Elena Halliwell, and Sawyer Mitchell
  • Spouse - Carl Wilson
  • Children - Alicia "Alice" Halliwell and Erica Halliwell


  • Poppy is portryed by Eliza Dushku, she also played on another supernatural show called, Tru Calling which Eliza portrayed the main character with the power of recieving visions.
  • Poppy is the youngest of her sisters
  • Poppy has the fourth Warren power
  • Poppy is the only sibling with curly hair, and the only one to not have brown or green eyes, but both.
  • Poppy is allergic to mentos and seaweed.
  • Poppy dislikes the colour blue, but loves the colour red, purple, and pink like her sisters.
  • Poppy has never seen a real poppy flower in her life.
  • Poppy was not born in april or feburary like her two sisters but in May. Her sister Violet was born in July.
  • Poppy is the only sibing to possess all the warren powers (if either born with the power or having been possessed the power through "magical mishaps".