General information
Effects Enables the possessor to have visions relating to what/who they touch.
Trigger Physical or psychic contact.
Alignment Neutral
Category Passive & Supportive Power

Premonition is the ability to see and experience events from the past, present, and future. This power is said to be highly desirable, since it often helps a witch evade dangerous situations.

Receiving PremonitionsEdit


Usually in the early stages of Premonition, most users receive their visions by touching objects or people related to the Premonition by way of Psychometry. As their power grows, users get visions out of the blue, and are able to look into the future, present, or past by will alone.On rare occasions a user may choose to touch an objects or a person to get a vision by will. If the psychic energy in an area is strong enough, a psychic will get a vision without touching anything, even if their power hasn't evolved yet.


Usually, in the early stages, most users can only see what is taking place. As their power grows, users develop the ability to experience aspects of their premonitions allowing them to hear what is taking place within the environment of their visions and to feel the emotions of the victims in their premonitions.



Users can see and perceive the future in a Premonition.

Retrocognition Edit

Is the ability to see and experience events from the past. In general, this is a branch of the power of Premonition, which when advanced enough, allows users to see the past as well.


Users can see the present in a Premonition. This ability is used to discern locations and gain information about objects, beings, or places.

Astral PremonitionEdit

Astral Premonitions is the ability to astral project into a premonition and thus travel through time. This is an advanced form of Precognition combined with Astral Projection. Users are able to interact beings within the premonition, though they cannot alter the events that take place.

Enhanced IntuitionEdit

Enhanced Intuition, sometimes referred to as the 6th sense, is when someone is highly aware of their surroundings. Usually, a person can sense when something is about to happen, before it does. This can be an extension of Premonition or an ability on its own.

Sharing Visions and Psychic EchosEdit

Two psychics can share visions with each other by holding hands, palm to palm. They can also create psychic link with each other, either purposefully or accidentally