Prue Halliwell
Prue Halliwell
Prue, meeting her Mother & Father
Biographical Information
Alias(s) P. Halliwell
Born 2029
Classification Upper Level
Physical Information
  • Witch
  • Phoenix
  • Whitelighter
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Skin Color White
Familial Information
Parents: Deceased
Sibling(s): Lance and Pheonix Halliwell
Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers
  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying
Active Powers
  • Chronovoyance
  • Kinetic Charging
  • Animal Speaking
Other Powers
  • Power of Three
  • Advanced Combat
Occupation High School student
Home Apartment in San Francisco
Loyalty The Warren Line
"I'm the Witch that the Source has nightmares about."
—Prue, boasting to a Demon.

Prudence Melinda Halliwell II is a Witch and is the first born daughter of Christopher Halliwell and Bianca Grey. Born in early December of 2029, Prue is the eldest of her small family with a younger brother named Lance and a baby sister named Phoenix.

Prue, along with her sister and cousins, were sent on a journey into the past where she met with the younger versions of her Mother & Father.


Early LifeEdit

Journey to the PastEdit

After the Dark Witch Katherine joined the Trinity Stones and created the Crystal of Power, Prue's uncle Wyatt sent her and the other members of the Third Generation to the past so they could warn the past incarnations of their parents about the upcoming threat and somehow prevent it from happening.

While she was in the past, Prue was able to meet both of her Parents incarnations and was shocked to see how much in love the two were as they had been separated in her future. Along with her cousin Patty, Prue was one of the more cautious members of the Third Generation and would often get into fights with her cousin Peyton about how much she was putting their identities in danger.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the offspring of two powerful Casters, Prue possesses incredibly strong Wiccan and Whitelighter powers. Despite this, however, Prue very few of her Fathers Angelic abilities.

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