Psychic bonding
Psychic Bonding
General information
Effects Create and maintain a psychic connection between beings.
Trigger Touch.
Alignment {{{Alignment}}}
Category Supportive & Offensive Power

Psychic Bonding is the powerful ability to form a psychic connection with another being. This mental link is created through touch. This power is an advancement of Precognition.

Users of this power can use a psychic bond to access the minds of others. Once a link is created, users can see the memories of others in the form of premonitions. Experienced users may also share their own memories and premonitions with the person they are connected to.

Electro-Mental IgnitionsEdit

A powerful aspect of this power is Electro-Mental Ignitions, which is the ability to overload the minds of others with visions of their worst and most painful memories, which manifest as small electric arcs to the brain. This ability can be used to cause pain, knock people unconscious or even kill beings by showing them their worst memories and the intense emotions that come with it.

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