Pyrokinesis 2
General information
Effects Control and manipulate fire various ways.
Trigger Fear / Rage / Hate.
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Category Offensive Power

Pyrokinesis is the elemental ability to create and manipulate fire with the power of one's mind. This ability is often triggered by emotions such as anger, frustration or fear. This ability can be used to create fires and can be used offensively and defensively.

There are several branches within this power and most fire-based powers are based on Pyrokinesis.

This ability is commonly possessed by Firestarters and most upper-level Demons. Witches and Warlocks can also possess this ability.

Related PowersEdit

Fire BallsEdit

The ability to throw Fire Balls is possessed by various magical beings, most of which are demons. There are two distinct forms of this power. Low-level Fire Balls are balls of swirling flames. This form is possessed by low-level demons. Upper-level Fire Balls resemble swirling metallic rings which are on fire. This form is possessed by upper-level demons and are far more powerful.

Fire BreathingEdit

Fire Breathing is the ability to project streams of fire from one's mouth. This power is possessed by Gargoyles, Dragons and their twisted offspring, the Dragon Warlocks.

Fire ThrowingEdit

Fire Throwingis a powerful and lethal ability to launch gust of flames from the hands, enabling the user to completely annihilating even high-level demons. Witches can also possess this ability. Although the ability most commonly possessed by demons.

Advanced Fire ThrowingEdit

Advanced Fire Throwing is a extremely evolved variant of Fire Throwing, to launch extremely powerful light-based blow-torch and beam-like blast of fire. enabling the user to annihilating even magical beings thought impossible to be destroyed.


Incineration is a powerful and lethal ability to incinerate beings or objects with a single look or touch, or by simple concentrating on the intended target. The target will burst out in flames and be vanquishing or destroyed within seconds.

Similar PowersEdit


Thermokinesis is the mental ability to generate, control and absorb and manipulate thermal heat and energy in all its forms.

This enables the user to generate massive heat waves or gusts or draw heat from any source to such degree causing objects and people to freeze or shatter to extremely low temperatures,

or heating objects or people in boiling and or scalding temperatures until they combust or melt, cooling objects by altering the temperature of any given environment through mental concentration.