"In the latest of the string of murders, dubbed ‘the Midnight Murders’, Mr Radulf N. Smith, History teacher at Knotworth Institute of Teaching, was found dead just outside of The Uncrossed Keys on Low Street, his watch set to midnight."
The Knotworth Bucket[1]

Radulf Nilrem Smith (d. November) was a wizard and archnumerologist at Maximus Scholomancy. He also taught part-time as a History teacher alongside Asmodea Majordaime at Knotworth I.T, where his daughter, Raimunde, was educated.

Smith was murdered outside the Uncrossed Keys on the edge of Knotworth by the Midnight Murderer, his body discovered in the snow by a shopkeeper. Moirrey Thanat theorised that he, along with the other victims, were killed by someone who wanted to wield their powers.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • "Nilrem" is, in all actuality, the name "Merlin" backwards.


Notes and referencesEdit

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