Samantha Halliwell
Samantha turned evil
Biographical Information
  • Sam
  • Sammy
  • Ann
Born 2034
Classification Upper Level
Physical Information
  • Witch-Whitelighter Hybrid - Formerly
  • Witch-Demon Hybrid - Artifical
Gender Female
Hair Color
  • Brown - Good
  • Black - Evil
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Familial Information


Powers and Abilities
Basic Powers

Witch Side:

  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying

Former Whitelighter Side:

  • Orbing
  • Healing
  • Sensing

Artifical Demon Side:

  • Shimmering
  • Energy Balls
Active Powers


  • Molecular Immobilization
  • Molecular Decceleration
  • Molecular Dispersion
  • Pyrokinesis


  • Pyrogenism
  • Energy Bolts
  • Conjuring
  • Immunity
  • Super Strength
Other Powers
  • Power of Three
  • Bar Tender - Former
  • Killer
  • Apartment - Former
  • Underworld
  • Evil
"Being evil is just more fun."
—Samantha tells her reasons for becoming Evil.

Samantha Halliwell is the daughter of Penelope Halliwell and Evan Scott, and the sibling of Jezebel Halliwell and Helena Halliwell. Samantha formerly possessesed the Warren Power of Molecular Immobilization until she turned evil and reliquinished most of her powers.


Child Years

As a baby and child Samantha was spoiled as the middle sister by her parents and often treated unfairly at the same time. Samantha came to envy her sister Jezebel and annoyed by her sister Helena constantley depending on her for support. Though Samantha did not appear this way in front of her family, but seemed mean to her friends by picking on them. Sam developed her magical abilities faster than both her sisters and used them for her advantage against others, both Penelope and Evan were unaware of this at first.

Teen Years

When Samantha was a teenager she became rebellious against her parents and turned into a mean girl at school that only would hang out with a few people and was still mean to them. Jezebel began to understand Sam's personality change as a bad thing and tried to understand her better, but Samantha wouldn't let anyone come close to her relationship wise. Helena was clearly dependent on her older sister and ignored Jezebel usually for some reason though Samantha finally burst at Helena and hurt Helena's feelings greatly. Helena and Jezebel therefore began to become closer and realized Samantha was no longer her former self and turned almost cunning-evil. They planned to try and stop this from happening.

Adult Years

Samantha finally ignited her true nature by killing a group of good Witches for fun, Helena and Jezebel became scared and tried to knock Samantha and were unsuccessful when they realized Samantha was immune to charms and magical potions from Witches. She revealed that she got rid of her

Sam using her dispersion power.

Wiccan and Whitelighter powers and in return was in possession of Demonic powers given to her by the Source. The two supposedley made a blood tie and therefore shared the same blood and Samantha became stronger than before. Helena and Jezebel were unable to kill her by themselves and had to get help from their parents and ancestors through a spell, Samantha finally died after they joined their magic to kill her.

Demon Fighting

Samantha fought demons with cunning accuracy and rage like no other Halliwell, Helena described her as 'fierce' and 'always alert and always on target' this made Samantha a far better fighter than Helena or Jezebel. Though since Samantha truly didn't care for helping innocents she never saved anyone, only killed, this duty was left to Helena. Jezebel attempted to help Samantha usually but was always unsuccessful.

Innocent Killing

Samantha lost her wiccan instinct and would accidentally kill innocents while trying to kill Demons, Helena became hurt by this and tried to make her stop, though Samantha refused to care. Jezebel tried to save a few innocents from dieing but Samantha knocked Jezebel out, stopping her from saving them. Samantha assumed killing innocents but did so intentionally.


Samantha was finally killed as Jezebel and the descendants used magic to hurt her while Helena was forced to stab Samantha from behind, saving Jezebel and their mother Penelope from being burned and dispersed alive. Helena was greatly damaged by this event and was unable to be happy anymore, after Helena refused to eat, sleep, or fight demons and save innocents or come outside. Jezebel was forced to erase Helena's memories in order for her to stay alive, though Helena figured it out later and unfortunately committed suicide. Jezebel, Penelope, and Evan faced two great losses and continued to fight for their family.

Powers & Abilities

Former Powers

Orbing - the ability to teleport, while being surrounded by blue balls of light called orbs.

Healing - the ability to heal others by holding the users hands over the wound.

Sensing - the ability to sense anothers location.

Molecular Immobilization - the ability to stop time.

Molecular Decceleration - the ability to slow down time and freeze a specific object or person.

Molecular Dispersion - the ability to disperse molecules.

Pyrokinesis - the ability to project fire onto an object or person.

Demonic Powers

Shimmering - the ability to teleport, while the users shape seems to be distorted and presumably shimmering.

Energy Balls - the ability to conjure balls of energy.

Pryogenism - the ability to project flames of fire from the hands.

Energy Bolts - the ability to project bolts of combustable energy.

Conjuring - the ability to conjure an object to the users hand.


  • Samantha was actually the most powerful of the three based on how affective her powers were to kill demons.

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