General information
Effects Locate a lost or desired object or being
Trigger Focus on the desired object or being or using an item connected to the target
Alignment Neutral
Category Basic Power

Scrying is the magical ability to locate a being or object that is lost or desired. In order to scry for a being or object, one must have a scrying crystal and a map of a certain location. However, a globe may also function as a scrying tool. Additionally, a computer may also be used instead of a map.

Scrying is used by holding a crystal over a map. Once the desired object or being is located the crystal wil begin to swing in a circle. The swinging will increase once the crystal is moved closer to the target. Once a target has been found, the crystal will pull down to the map and pinpoint the exact location. In order to find a specific target, an item belonging or connected to the target is needed.