Sorcerers are humans born with the power to naturally use magical powers and abilities, although some has turned demonic after they have renounced their humanity, who practice Sorcery. They can be either male or female and are born with these magical traits, which they can pass them on to their children.

Sorcerers can be either be good or evil are both male and female, although female sorcerers are commonly referred as sorceress, Sorcerers are related to Wizards and Witches.

Sorcery is the art form of magic which is more or less combination of magic and physics, the science of matter and energy and their interactions for example creating incorporeal life essences also known as souls, which is taught and practiced and used by Sorcerers

Additionally they are skilled at potions and spells and they teleport through fading while some of their demonic counterparts teleport through flaming.

Magical rings are mostly commonly used by sorcerers to access their magic, although some magical sorcerer rings chooses only their destined owners while others possess a wand, but not all of them are required to possess magical sorcerer ring or wand.

The great majority of The Magical Community doesn't believe that Sorcerers can be good as they are considered to be naturally evil.

Good SorcerersEdit

Good Sorcerers are the servants of Good Magic as they are also the protectors of the innocents and are not allowed to use their powers for personal gain. If they do, they risk their spells backfiring and causes unintended consequences and are protectors of the Greater Good.

Demonic SorcerersEdit

Demonic Sorcerers are ruthless and extremely powerful evil beings who don't possess a soul which makes them free from to feeling no conscience, without care and no remorse, and commonly known to use their powers for personal gain and to serve their own dark goals and The Greater Evil.

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