Essence Characteristics
Effect Ability to feel feelings and emotions.
Category Life Essence

Souls are the incorporeal life essences that constitutes part of the definition of an individual, it has never been stated or discovered from where or at what point in time one's soul originates.

Several species from animals from to mortals and other good beings possess a soul, although evil beings don't possess a soul which makes them free from to feel no conscience, without care and no remorse,

but there are an collective of rare demonic beings who are born with a human half and do also possess a soul. but souls are not completely necessary, as one would feel empty without a soul, but would still be able to live.

Related TermsEdit

Soul GrantingEdit

Soul Granting is often very traumatic for former evil beings mostly for those with a long history of evil acts.

There are beings that can create an energy comparable to a human soul and it combines with your personality the newly created human soul does not possess or grants new abilities.

The soul also can determine whether or not a creature is capable of fully appreciating the evilness of their own actions, with ensouled individuals tending to rationalise or deny their evil deeds,

Although it can take some time for to fully acknowledge the presence of their new found humanity initially simply being weakened, as time went on they can became increasingly aware of the guilt over their evil past.

The Adjusting TherapyEdit

The Adjusting Therapy is a medical treatment to help beings with their new found humanity as they are not costume to having human feelings and emotions

they can start to be confused and neurotic and can start to hyperventilate or barely moving and trouble breathing and finally pass out although they wouldn't die, that is why they need to learn to adjust to human feelings and emotions and develop the ability to feel love and their new found humanity.

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