General information
Effects Teleport to another destination in the form of sparkling lights.
Trigger Think of another destination.
Alignment Neutral
Category Teleportation Power
Sparkling is a light-based form teleportation where the user appears and disappears in swirling lights or sparks. The color of the lights depend on the user, as Angels of Destiny sparkle in golden lights while the The Cleaners sparkle in white lights. This form of teleportation is shown to be possessed by neutral beings and through some magical artifacts.

Related PowersEdit

Telekinetic SparklingEdit

This power manifests itself as a hybrid version of the powers of Telekinesis and Sparkling. The ability is defined as accessing telekinesis, the ability to move objects with your mind, through Sparkling. Some users must use a vocal command to cause the intended object to Sparkle from one location and appear within another, although some with more experience with the power do not need a vocal trigger to use the ability. Others with this power have been seen to channel their power in other ways, such as their eyes.

Remote SparklingEdit

Remote Sparkling is an advancement of Telekinetic Sparkling, it allows a person to send other beings to another location without having to Sparkle with them.