Spell Casting
General information
Effects Achieve a magical effect through spell casting or a ritual
Trigger Casting the spell or performing the ritual required
Alignment Neutral
Category Basic Power

Spell Casting is the magical ability to cast spells and perform rituals to achieve magical effects.


Spell Casting is achieved by speaking or chanting a combination of sentences. Spells often rhyme, but this is not actually required for a spell to work. Sometimes spells have additional requirements such as candles, potions or magical artifacts. In these cases, the spells is often referred to as a ritual instead.

Spells can achieve a great number of effects. Vanquishing spells are used to vanquish beings, while enchanting spells are used to place a magical effect on beings or artifacts. Spells can also backfire when the spell is performed wrong or if a good being casts a spell for personal gain. This can result in the spell either failing or causing an unintented and unwanted effect to occur.

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