Sylphs are the magical spirits of the sky and air. These beautiful, bird-like women almost never touch the ground. Sylphs are lightning fast and are hardly ever seen. With their large feathered wings, they are sometimes mistaken for angels. Sylphs are responsible for the weather and while they are usually calm and serene, they have the power to summon devastating tornadoes if they are angered.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Sylphs look like beautiful women dressed in light robes made from feathers. Their skin ranges from fair to pale pink to silver to gold. Their eyes can be any human colour. Sylph skin is iridescent and flecked with soft feathers. Their hair is formed from their own feathers so it usually resembles a beautiful head dress. Sylphs are tall and have slender, willowy figures.

Sylphs have large bird-like wings that propel them through the air at great speed.

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