General information
Effects Moving objects and individuals with the mind.
Trigger Anger, channeled through the eyes or through the hands.
Alignment Neutral
Category Active Power

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects as well as individuals with the mind. It can be channeled through the eyes or hands, the latter being the most common way to use the power. This is one of the most common powers possessed by both good and evil magical beings.

Strength and ControlEdit

The strength of Telekinesis depends on the strength and skill of users. A lot of practice and concentration will improve the precision and accuracy as well as the distance that objects/beings can be moved. Experienced users can use Telekinesis is more creative and complex ways, instead of relying on pure strength.



Deviation is the ability or skill to use magical powers such as Telekinesis to redirect other powers, such as Energy Balls or Fire Throwing, back at opponents. Deviation is a defensive skill and not an indepentent power. Deviaton only works against magical energies, and does not work on psychic or molecular powers.


The ability to enchance one's speed and reflexes to avoid magical and physical attacks. Telekinetics can use their power to enhance their own speed and strength, which even allows them to levitate slightly. Combined with martial arts, this ability is very useful in a fight.


Strangulation is the ability to use Telekinesis or a similar power to obstruct the airways of another being and strangle or suffocate them. Skilled users of Telekinesis can use their power to strangle a person or merely incapacitate them for a short period of time.


Crushing is the ability to surround an object or power such as an Energy Ball with enough telekinetic force to crush the object in question. With this ability, users can destroy objects with relative ease and neutralize offensive powers of other beings.



Advanced Telekinesis causing destruction

Advanced TelekinesisEdit

Advanced Telekinesis is a powerful and highly evolved form of Telekinesis. It is essentially a far more powerful form of Telekinesis, allowing the user to move a great number of individuals and objects over a vast distance. Advanced Telekinesis can also be used to fire powerful blasts of telekinetic energy, capable of shattering objects, vanquishing beings and causing wide-scale destruction.

Related PowersEdit


Calling is the ability to call forth a certain object or weapon from another location. Users must be the owner of the object or share a magical connection with it. Users of this power will have telekinetic control over the object and can move it as they desire, but their power is limited to that certain object.

Telekinetic OrbingEdit

A hybrid form of Telekinesis allowing users to teleport and move objects through use of orbs.

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