The Third Generation consist of the children of the Blessed Ones and thus the heirs to the Warren Coven as well as as the Warren Line.

Wyatt Halliwell & Mikey MorrisEdit

Wyatt married Mikey Morris, a mortal and adopted a single child who Wyatt gave his powers to. That daughter is the Heir to Excalibur.

Shiela Piper Morris IIEdit

  • Casters Powers
    • Force Shield
    • Imagination Projection
  • Heiress to Excalibur

Christopher Halliwell & Bianca PerryEdit

Chris married Bianca Perry, a member of the Phoenix Coven of Casters. Together they bore a pair of fraternal twin siblings. Both of the twins have the Mark of the Phoenix.

Patience Melinda HalliwellEdit

  • Casters Powers
    • Telekinesis
    • Astral Projection
  • Phoenix Powers
    • Enhanced Agility
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Speed
  • Elder Powers
    • All Whitelighter Powers
    • Electricity Manipulation

Andrew Nathaniel Halliwell Edit

  • Caster Powers
    • Telekinesis (Advanced Level)
    • Teletransportation
  • Phoenix Powers
    • Enhanced Agility
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Speed
  • Elder Powers
    • All Whitelighter Powers

Anne Hartwell & Rick GordonEdit

Prue Married Sam Gordon, a Mortal, and produced two daughters.

Primrose Peyton GordonEdit

  • Caster Powers
    • Chronocognition
    • Tele-Empathy
      • Psychic Reflections
    • Empathic Manipulation
  • Cupid Powers
    • Beaming
    • Natural Sense of Love

Petunia Phreya GordonEdit

  • Caster Powers
    • Tele-Empathy
    • Fire Manipulation

Melinda Halliwell & William RoweEdit

Melinda married William Argyros and gave three children.

Patricia Piper Halliwell II (Charmed One)Edit

Wyris Samuel HalliwellEdit

Rowan Leonardo HalliwellEdit

Tamora Mitchell & JasonEdit

Tamora married Devon, her Whitelighter, and bore him two sons.

Samuel Noah Mitchell IIEdit

Simon Lyle MitchellEdit

Kate Mitchell & SilasEdit

Kate married a Whitelighter, Silas, and bore him three daughters.

Pamela Phoenix MitchellEdit

Polora Pandora MitchellEdit

Paulina Melinda Mitchell

Phreya Hartwell & Christian ArgyrosEdit

Phreya married Christian Argyros and gave birth to two children.

Christian Caleb Argyros IIEdit

Portia Katherine ArgyrosEdit

Nate Halliwell & Diana MorrisEdit

Nate married Diana Morris, a Witch from the Dubois Line, who bore him two children.

Victor Michael HalliwellEdit

Priscilla Faith HalliwellEdit

Pandora Mitchell & Seth MartsEdit

Pandora married Seth Michaels, the son of Billie and Simon Marks, and gave birth to three daughters. These three daughters are the new Guardians.

Posie Paige MitchellEdit

Poplor Grace MitchellEdit

Primrose Charlotte MitchellEdit

Patric Hartwell & Maura SummersEdit

Cooper William HartwellEdit

Paulina Prudence HartwellEdit

Simon Joseph HartwellEdit

Notes & TriviaEdit

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