Touch of Death
Touch of Death
General information
Effects Incinerates victims.
Trigger Hate.
Alignment {{{Alignment}}}
Category Offensive Power.

Touch of Death is the evil counterpart to Whitelighters' ability to heal others, which is triggered by love. this demonic ability is very dangerous.

It causes the skin to welt and burn, incinerating it on contact. Another evil beings possess more advanced form of this that they don't even have to physically be touching a victim to burn them. If the process was interrupted the person who was attacked will die slowly because the wounds will eventually kill the victim.


Kiss of DeathEdit

Kiss of Death is an different deadly variation of this ability by passionately kissing the victims on the lips, while burning their lungs from the inside.

Pryokinetic ExcruciationEdit

Pryokinetic Excruciation is the evil counterpart ability to blast an extremely powerful gust of nearly visible smoke in powerful blow-torch like combination in orb form in the direction of the user's arm(s) or hand(s) motion(s) which engulfs the victims in extreme amounts of pain

But because they are a different species then those who possess touch of death, not every Evil Wizard-Witches will develop or inherit this ability which makes it extremely rare and exclusively possessed by some of those Evil Wizard-Witches.

Side EffectEdit

The user itself feeling its sting and feeling physically fatigued after the usage therefore Evil Wizard-Witches are in constant agony and severely weakened each time the ability is used on the victims. That is why they usually are trained to be mentally and emotionally strong.

List of UsersEdit

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