Tyreke Jones is the childhood friend of Peter, Phillip and Patricia and their cousins he a mortal and the best friend of Peter. He meet his best friend Peter at the Park when they where 4 years old.
  When he and Peter was 9 years old he came over to play when a demon attack and after the demon slash his arm and after he saw Prue, Piper and Paige vanquished the demon he ask Peter what was that. After Peter told him it was a demon he freak out and told them he wanted to go home Peter and his his cousin Rachel and his  dad ran after Tyreke. Rachel had heal him they told him to came back that when they got back Peter's mom and aunt Piper and aunt Paige told him about the supernaturel world and that they were witches. Tyreke told the sisters their secret is safe with him. This happen in both the dark and good time line.

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