Unique Reproduction are a variety of ways for different mortal and magical species for producing offspring. Most species reproduce by giving physical birth to offspring of their own species or unique Hybrids. However, some species reproduce by inflicting harm thus infecting other beings, turning other beings into their kind.

Procreation and PregnanciesEdit

Mortal and Magical PregnanciesEdit

Demonic Offsprings

Pregnancy is a biological condition between fertilization and development of one or more offspring, known as an embryo or fetus, in a woman's uterus and carrying the offspring to term and goes through child birth in which the females of any sexually reproducing species, for example human based life forms

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Childbirth usually occurs about 38 weeks after conception. when a magical or non magical woman is pregnant and bearing magical children, they can be able to access and use their unborn children's magical abilities also the unborn magical children can also be very protective of their mothers.

Physical Pregnancies 2
Physical Pregnancies

Dark PregnanciesEdit

There are some demonic species who are assigned to have sexual activity of conceiving or bearing offsprings with mortals to create hybrids, most commonly to spread evil or advancing their own species, under normal conditions most notably Manticores and Darklighters, who are trying to seduce a innocent mortal and tricking them into conceiving or bearing their progeny.

It's against the rules to tell these women or men about who they truly are, so it is presumed that the innocents are abandoned or even possibly killed once the child(ren) are produced. while other demonic species are having sexual activity for the gratification.

Dark Fertilization RitualsEdit

Sometimes evil beings can grew tired of merely bestowing great power on others and in an attempt to better their positions by using a Dark Priestess to wed a powerful good being with a evil being in unholy matrimony to make sure that their spouse would turn evil and to become fertile to a demon's seed and override every preventative measure that she has taken so they could steal the unborn children and places it possibly in their own body instead.

Pregnancy SymptomsEdit

Pregnant women can experience a number of symptoms like morning sickness, nausea and vomiting, excessive tiredness and fatigue, cravings for certain foods that are not normally sought out,

The Physical Appearance & BehaviorEdit

Childbirth is the process whereby an infant is born. It is considered to be the beginning of the infant's life, while childbirth is widely experienced as painful,

However the offsprings of the unions of mortals and good and evil magical beings aren't always necessarily evil, some children with pure demonic or with human hybrid inherence are commonly born with a human form but sometimes born with a demonic physical characteristics.

as on rare cases their human side the ability to feel will overcome the evil, although spells and tonics can turn the child evil but if surrounded by immense forces of good, the offspring may not grow up to be evil.

Ascended PregnancyEdit

Ascended Pregnancy is when a vastly knowledgeable energy based life form goes through corporealization of a young man and having sexual activity with a human woman it would cause instant conception if the women chooses by her own free will to carry the offspring(s).

She will glow brightly in some seconds to establishing that she is now pregnant, when viewing on a ultra sound the actual fetus is cloaked as it's just a mass of a sentient bright energy at the beginning and during the pregnancy the fetus(es) would start to undergo a change of physical features and attributes and after the childbirth the offspring(s) would inherit more and more vast knowledge of the universe and magical abilities as it grows up, the mothers would be able to talk with her unborn child(ren) through telepathy.

As the pregnant women goes through the progress they can be asked by her unborn child(ren) through telepathy. if she wants to go through actual painful experience of a pregnancy and childbirth as they can relieve her from pain, when the pregnant woman goes in labor her pregnant belly would start to glow and when she is gonna give physical birth the child(ren) will shine brightly for some seconds and be perfectly normal healthy infant(s).

Reproduction and InfectionEdit


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Vampires can turn other beings into vampires by biting them. However, the transformation isn´t complete until the newly sired vampire drinks human blood. The transformation is reversed if the Vampire Queen is vanquished before the new vampire drinks blood.


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Wendigo's can infect others with a slash. The infected then transforms into a Wendio at the next full moon and becomes more agressive and hostile. If the Wendigo kills an innocent, the transformation is permanent, though it can be reversed if the Wendigo responisble for the slash is vanquished.

Spider DemonsEdit

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Spider Demons can infect other beings with a single scratch, which will slowly transform the victim into a Spider Demon. The victims slowly turn evil as their transformation continues and becomes loyal to the demon that infected them. The process is reversed if the original Spider Demon is vanquished.


Werewolves can spread their curse, and thus their kind, though a bite. During the next full moon, the bitten victim will become a werewolf. However, the transformation only becomes permanent when they kill an innocent. There is a cure for becoming a werewolf, though it is rare and the secret is kept by the Gypsy spirits that created the curse.


When a Banshee unleashes her screams upon a witch in severe emotional pain, their cries will turn the witch into a Banshee. The process is reversed when their broken hearts are healed.


Furies can turn witches into other Furies by breathing smoke upon them. However, this only works if the witch in question is supressing a lot of anger and resentment. The transformation is complete upon the first kill and can be reversed if the witch expresses her emotions.

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