So I am currently working on a story that is centered around the Generation after Charmed, but I need some help.

I've been thinking about some possible powers for Christy's twin daughters, Hallie & Haylee; the new Ultimate Power. While I've already got Haylee's powers down, Fire & Mind powers, I need some help with Haylee, the elder twin. I don't really want to give her Full Projection, a power that I believed should only be used by Cosmic Beings, but I don't want to make her into a really weak power either.

My idea is to make it so that her power, the one that she shares with Billie, is Energy Projection; the power to Manipulat the energy & aura around you. And ignorring Billie's whole Transformation & Teleportation, I'll think of something for those later, I really like this idea. It puts a downplay on the whole Super Projection thing, while at the same time it gives her the right abilities to become part of the Power of Two/Ultime Power.

Does anybody else have any idea's, because I'm really stuck with what I should do for this.

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