Vampire girl
General information
Full name Vampires
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Classification Various
Species Immortal Humans / Demons
Diversity Vampires
Distinction Immortal Humans who feed on human blood.
Family information
Family Other Vampires
Affiliation Information
Status Extant
Alignment Evil

Vampires are predatory undead demons that were once humans. They are considered the creatures of the night due to their weakness to sunlight. They prefer to hunt during the night and possess the ability to turn into bats.

Their diet is strictly based on blood, and while drinking blood from livning beings, like Humans is prefered for having a perfect physical and metal health. Vampires have a type of venom in their fangs. It has different effects for some species. It can turn humans, witches and certain hybrids into vampires but it can kill them if the vampire has completely drained them of their blood. It can turn werewolves into undead beasts. Immortals such as gods, demigods, fairies, nymphs, leprechauns and mermaids, cant be killed but the venom will only temporarily paralise the magical being.they are able to survive by ingesting the blood of other animals, although some Vampires refers to as 'disgusting' while feeding on their victims they must stay alive or their blood becomes toxic to them.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vampires appear to look normal humans, which makes it easy for them so to be able to blend in The Mortal World if they should notice a drop of blood they can be transfixed as their predatory nature re-asserted itself.

They possess the powers of flight in bat form psionically tracking prey, enhanced senses, inhuman strength and agility, heightened combat skills, and the ability to hang or cling to ceilings.

All vampires are immune to the powers of witches (except the Power of Three), but are averted to sunlight, garlic, and holy symbols, especially crucifixes, and holy water.

Vampires who have fed on the blood of a mermaid become stronger, faster, more agile and they can become powerful bat-like beasts.


The Vampires sometimes feed of their victims or turn them into vampires by infecting their human blood with the anomaly predatory virus,

The Bitten victim wouldn't transform at first the virus works slowly first signs are sensitively to light and sound and Vampires can remember and sense the taste of their victims due to the heighten senses.


In order to vanquish a vampire, you must drive a stake through their heart. as they can't be killed by conventional weapons like guns and knives, The Power of Three however is needed to vanquish the Vampire Queen.

Killing the Queen kills the entire clan as well. The victim can be saved and turned back to his or hers original form be mortal, witch, or other magical creature If she / he has not yet tasted his / her first taste of human blood.

If holy water comes in contact with vampire flesh, it burns and gets horrible black boils and scars. In large amounts, it can instantly kill a vampire.

Vampires fear the sun as light will instantly kill them. If only small parts of their bodies, like their fingers, comes in contact with sunlight, the vampire will not die but that body part will turn to ash. If caught in the sunlight, vampires will burst into flame and disintegrate.

Vampire Vanquished

An Vampire is being vanquished.

The Humanity Hybrid BloodEdit

Although vampires don't possess a soul which makes them free from feeling no conscience, without care and no remorse, but if they should be bitten by an Dhampir by infecting the victim's vampiric blood with their anomaly hybrid blood thus "inheriting" a form of humanity.

The bitten vampire would go through very traumatic and painful physical experience specifically to the vampires,

making the vampire victims partally reverse to the original personality they used to have, also being able to have breath without being turned into a Dhampir making them become confused and disorientated due to the long history of evil acts.

Although it can take some time for to fully acknowledge the presence of their "new found humanity" initially simply being weakened, as time went on they can became increasingly aware of the guilt over their evil past as they are not costume to having human feelings and emotions,

first signs are their disobedience as the interconnection between the vampire clan and The Vampire Queen has been separated, those bitten vampires will be forever banished from their clan how ever they will still keep their vampire weaknesses.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Agility - The ability to possesss heigtened agility and refexes.
  • Levitation: Vampires can use levitation to jump extremely high.
  • Clinging - The ability to cling to solid surfaces.
  • Enhanced Senses - The ability to possess senses to a supernatural degree.
  • Flight - The ability to defy gravity and fly. Vampires possess winged flight once shapeshifted into bats.
  • Immortality - The ability to posses an infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process. It also allows to be immune to all human and supernatural diseases and viruses.
  • Immunity - The ability to be immune to certain powers, spells or potions. Vampires are immune to the powers of Witches.
  • Power Granting - The ability to grant powers to another being. Vampires can turn other beings into Vampires through a bite and pass on their powers.
  • Regeneration - The ability to heal rapidly from any injury.
  • Sensing - The ability to locate other magical beings anywhere in the world.
  • Shapeshifting - The ability to change the physical form or shape of the body. Vampires possess the ability to shapeshift into bats.
  • Super Strength - The power of having magically augmented physical strength and stamina.
  • Blood obsorbtion: Vampires can suck the blood and lifeforce of mortals.
  • Super speed: The power to run much faster than a human.

The Queen of the VampiresEdit

The most powerful of all vampires is their queen. Each nest has its own queen.  If the queen dies, all her vampires will die. Vampire queens are very territorial. Vampire queens are said to be the descendents of Lilith, the first vampire. All vampires can not disobey their queen and they can not fight a different vampire queen or he or she will be under their control. Vampire queens do not usually fight as they  prefer to make their vampires defend them but they will fight if another queen is near or if they have a daughter. If this happens, the two vampires will fight until one is killed. The clan who lost their queen will not die as they are now under the control of the victorius queen.

Vampire queen powers

  • Mind control: Vampire queens have the power to control other vampires.
  • Shapeshifting: Vampire queens can shapeshift into bats, humans, wolves and bat-human hybrids.
  • Enhanced regeneration: Vampire queens can heal rapidly from an injury within minutes and can even regrow limbs within an hour.
  • Sensing: The queen of the vampires can sense humans, witches and other vampires in their territory.
  • Telepathy: A power that enables a vampire queen to read the minds or her subjects.
  • Immunity: Vampire queens are immune to the powers of witches and dhampirs.
  • Enhanced strenght: Queens of the vampire race are stronger than their subjects.
  • Immortality: Vampires can live forever.
  • Speed: The ability to run much faster than a normal human.
  • Clinging: The power to stick to smooth flat surfaces and walls.
  • Charm: Vampire queens can hypnotise mortals who look into their eyes. Their eyes glow bright red when they activate this ability.
  • Enhanced senses: Vampire queens have strong senses that enable them to see, smell, hear and touch much better than a human. They can smell blood from three miles away during the day and nine miles in the night.
  • Razor sharp claws: Vampire queens can mortally wound people with their claws.
  • Life force manipulation: The queen of a vampire clan can kill any vampire in her clan just by thinking about who she wishes to die.
  • Flight: The power to fly at a great speed.
  • Power granting: The power to transform humans into vampires.
  • Blood obsorbtion: The ability to drain of person of blood.
  • Soul obsorbtion: The ability to suck souls.
  • Necromancy: Vampire queens can summon the souls of the dead.
  • Levitation: Vampire queens can jump to great heights.
  • Soul obsorbtion: Vampire queens can suck the souls of humans and turn them into zombies.