Victor Halliwell
Biographical Information
Born 1986
Physical Information
Species Witch
Gender Male
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Blue
Skin color White

Parents Aunts Uncles Adoptive

  • Prue Halliwell and Andrew Trudeau
  • Piper Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell, and Paige Matthews
  • Leo Wyatt, Coop Valentino, and Henry Mitchell
  • Unnamed Adoptive Parents
Magical Characteristics
  • Basic Witch Abilities
  • Telekinesis
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Advanced Agility
  • Telepathy
  • Cryokinesis
  • Mind Manipulation

Victor Andrew Halliwell is the son of deceased mother, Prue Halliwell and deceased father, Andy Trudeau. Victor was given to a loving family after Prue and Andy decided they couldn't handle a child. Victor was born in late 1986 after Prue and Andy made an irresponsible decision to sleep together at the age of 16.

History and Life

Early Years

Prue asked the adoptive parents to give him the name of Victor in honour of her father and the middle name of Andrew in honour of his father. At the age of 13 Victor's father, Andy died from a energy ball and being smashed into the grandfather clock of the Halliwell Manor, his mother died 2 years later from the powerful Shax demon. After his mother died Victor started to develop supernatural powers being Telekinesis and later Hydrokinesis, the ability of manipulate water. Victor learned to control his powers quickly without his adoptive parents witnessing his gifts.

Teen Years and Discovery

Later when Victor turned 18 his aunts Piper, Phoebe and half aunt Paige found out about him and told him about his powers and magical heritage, Victor says he understands and shows them his gifts, his aunts are suprised by this discovery, assuming because Prue never had powers back in 1986 that he would be powerless. Victor explains to them when he got his powers and they seem even more confused, that Victor's powers came after both Andy and Prue died, maybe stating that either Grams did a spell on him, or because of Prue being magical, but temporarily powerless something odd happened to Victor.

Family's Discovery and Move

He continued to stay in contact with his aunts and even got to know Leo after realizing Demons and Warlocks existed (after a Demon attacked his family-but failed to kill anyone and bypass Victor's power) Victor was forced to tell his family about his magical heritage and the meeting between him and his aunts his family honoured him saving them but remained unsure of accepting his magic, because of this, Victor moved into the Halliwell's home and went to Baker High School. Phoebe nearly refused to allow Victor to move and both sadden his family and be away from his friends, though Victor stated, "(Laughs)I have no friends, everyone has always thought I was a freak throughout my childlife and even High School." Piper then says, "I understand how you feel, that's how I always felt (Laughs)Prue was the only one of us that wasn't unpopular during school. She was good person you know, be proud of your mother." But because of this Victor was allowed to live in their home, he seemed to develop a crush on Billie during her visits, but Billie refused to date him.

Demon Fighting

Victor learnt to fight Demons with his powers and commonly uses an athame to kill the demons and his offensive Telekinetic power. When Victor got better at fighting Demons Victor developed more powers like Agility, Telepathy, and Cryokinesis.

Meeting Prue and Andy

When the Elders informed Leo that it was time for Victor to meet his deceased parent's spirits, Leo took him to the attic, but was not allowed to join the greeting since it was not time for Leo to see Prue yet. Victor hugged Prue and Andy and they told him how proud they were of him and were happy he grew up well. Prue and Andy were forced to leave and Victor broke into tears, and comforted by his aunts, though Victor began to defeat Demons far better than before.

Adult Life

Victor assumingly lived a fine life fighting Demons every now and then and saving innocents between going to college and being with his two families after he moved back with his adoptive parents for a better education at college. Victor presumably advanced his Telekinetic abilities and gained a stronger version of Telepathy, being able to manipulate other's minds.

Personality and Appearance


Victor is described as a self-independent person with mild charm and enthusiasm. Victor often makes funny jokes and remarks and is shown to be very smart and caring like his future nephew Chris and his mother Prue used to be, he is also known for quiet and temper-mental personality similiar to his aunt Piper. His strongest trait, to seem to always disagree with Phoebe and Piper and seem to be correct in the end is similiar to Prue and Paige, this is what makes him and Paige seem to have the strongest relationship of them all.


Victor has dark brown hair (brunette) and brilliant blue eyes like water (ironic because of his power of Hydrokinesis) Victor has pale white skin similiar to his father Andy and aunt Paige. Victor is seen with a long haircut through most of the time and normally wears faded jeans paired with a T-shirt and a dark sweater at times.

Familial and Friend Relationships

Real Parents

Victor assumingly feels betrayed for his parents never caring for him and giving him away because of their young age, though Victor forgives them after understanding from Piper and Phoebe. Victor then develops a stronger relationship when he finally meets his parents, though in spirit form.

Adoptive Parents

Victor presumably loves his adoptive family greatly but disappointed that not only did they never tell him fast enough, but never understood his powers comfortably.

Aunts and Uncles

Piper Halliwell - Victor and Piper have a simliar personality and therefore get along easily, but their personality similiarites (temper and sarcasm) usually clash and they get angry at one another. But Victor understands that Piper has been in his shoes before when she was a teenager too and doesn't treat him like a child like his aunt Phoebe and uncle Leo.

Phoebe Halliwell - Victor and Phoebe have a tense relationship because Phoebe treats Victor like he's a child, Victor doesn't seem to like this and mostly either ignores his aunt or gets angry (most common for his personality) though Victor understands that Phoebe only cares for him, like his aunt Prue would have.

Paige Matthews - Victor and Paige have the strongest aunt-to-nephew relationship because Paige feels uncomfortable trying to pretend like she is his true aunt, though Victor seems to think Paige is the smartest and confronts her, telling Paige, "Aunt Paige you are just as much as an aunt to me as Piper and Phoebe are, you're smarter and I can guess how you were like in High School, rebellious like I was...but then you learn something and you start to see how brilliant you are." Paige is appreciative of this from Victor and begins to treat him like a true nephew, defending him and going on his side when neither Piper, Phoebe, or Leo will.

Billie Jenkins

Victor, at first seems to have a crush on Billie and even flirts with her at times, though Billie rejects him repeatedly he continues to try. When Victor finally meets his future girlfriend Rashel he refrains from hitting on Billie and Billie almost seems disappointed by this. They continue their relationship as mutual friends.

Chris Jasper



Chris and Victor are good friends since childhood, Victor tells Chris about his secret and Chris seems almost unphased by this being awfully surprised but doesn't bother to ask questions or became freaked out. Victor believes this is what makes them great friends. Chris actually learns about magic with the help of Victor and is seen help him fight demons with a bow-and-arrow on his back and a dagger, "I stole from my Mom, duh."

Rashel Carter

Chris introduced Rashel Carter to Victor after he attended a Seminar in South Dakota inviting all mortals that have knowledge of Demons he there met Rashel and he took her to see Victor and the Halliwells. Rashel later moved to San Francisco for unknown reasons and started a good relationship with Victor, nearly excluding Chris from hanging out with them, which seemed to hurt Chris. When Victor and Rashel started to date Chris mentions that Victor seemd to act different and not like himself. It is later discovered that Rashel is a Evil Gypsy that pretended and fooled everyone that she was a mortal, but was actually moved to San Francisco to kill the Halliwells and Victor included, unfortunately her only flaw in this plan was that Chris was ignored completely. Rashel successfully knocks out and nearly kills the entire family until Rashel is stabbed in the back by Chris, who was the first to realize something was wrong, but only ignored by a angry Victor. Chris kills Rashel and calls Leo to help them before everyone dies. Saving the day.

Powers & Abilities

Basic Wiccan Abilities

  • Spell Casting - the ability to cast magical spells that can affect nearly everything and everyone by the use of words. This ability is prone to backfireing.
  • Potion Making - the ability to make magical potions that can harm, kill, or vanquish nearly every Demon, Evil Witch, Warlock, and Wizard.
  • Scrying - the ability to search for someone by the use of a easily spinning object or jewellery with a piece of material from the person being searched for over a map or globe.
  • Mediumship - the ability to see and hear ghosts and spirits. Which would be impossible for a human to be able to see clearly.
  • Agility - the ability to bend and jump ones body to incredible lengths and heights. This is possible because Victor is an advanced Witch.

Telekinesis and Telekinetic Combustion

The ability to move things via the hands and eyes. Victor is able to be as powerful as exploding a Demon through his power and throwing numerous Demons onto a wall and harming them painfully.

Telepathy and Mind Manipulation

The ability to hear and read thoughts via the mind. Victor can hear nearly everone through focusing on someone, he is unable to get through a physical shield unlike a mental shield which is impossible for a Witch at his age. Victor later advances in the power and can later get through a physical shield and manipulate others minds through his will.

Advanced and Wiccan Agility

Victor already had the Wiccan ability of Agility, to bend and jump to incredible lengths and heights until this power advanced through his Telekinetic power and he was then capable of jumping higher, run faster, become more agile and use this ability more quickly and while using other powers.

Hydrokinesis and Cryokinesis

The ability to manipulate and create water through the hands and mind, this ability advanced for Victor and he was also able to manipulate and create ice through the hands and breath.

Trivia and Notes

  • Logan Lerman 'portrays' Victor, this is 'ironic' since he played Percy Jackson in the movie and also wielded the Hydrokinetic ability like Victor.
  • There is another character on the wiki that is accidentally also 'portrayed' by Logan Lerman. Carter Halliwell

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