General information
Full name Werewolves
Born Middle Ages
Alias Lycanthrope
Classification Various
Species Magically Altered Humans
Diversity Lycanthropy can affect any ethnic group on Earth
Distinction Ancient curse
Family information
Family Werewolves
Affiliation Information
Status Extant
Alignment Neutral

Werewolves are rare magical beings that possess the power to shapeshift into wolf-like form. They were long believed to be a myth, though have existed in secret for centuries. Their species began with a curse placed on a mortal by Gypsies, thus creating the first Werewolf.

In fiction, werewolves are often depicted as evil beings or mere wild animals, though natural werewolves are in full control of the animal inside and can be either good or evil. However, those infected by a werewolf do suffer the effects from the curse and are often wild.

The CurseEdit

The first werewolf was created when a mortal was cursed by a powerful clan of Gypsies. The mortal had killed and raped a young girl of the tribe in a beastly manner, which is why the curse turned him into a wild beast. Each full moon, the mortal would undergo a painful transformation into the wolf and lose his mind. The mortal was cast aside by his village and forced to wander the wilds.

However, the gypsies soon realized they had made a mistake, as the bite of the werewolf would infect others. Those bitten would suffer the same curse as the first, and would in turn spread the curse. By the time the gypsies tried to undo their curse, it had spread to far for them to contain.


Having enough of their suffering and the wild animal inside them, the werewolves tried to contain the beast and regain their minds. Over the centuries, a few succeeded in taming the beast inside and gained control. These werewolves then evolved, allowing them to grow in strength and control their transformations. The evolved werewolves could use their wolf-powers in human form and transform at will. They created their own society and tried to help others infected reach the same. The children born to these werewolves possessed the same powers and abilities as their parents, and grew up in control of their beast.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Those infected by the curse have no control over the animal inside them. They are forced to control under the full moon and then lose their minds, turning into wild animals. Natural born werewolves and those who tamed their beast can access the powers of the wolf in human form and turn at will. Werewolves possess the powers of:

  • Limited Shapeshifting: Werewolves possess the power to shapeshift from human form into the shape of a wolf-like being. Werewolves assume the form of a large wolf-like creature that can walk on four or two legs, which resembles a hybrid between a human and a wolf.
  • Super Strength: The power to have strength far superior to that of a normal human. Werewolves possess strength roughly comparable to three times that of a human.
  • Super Speed: The power to move at speeds far superior to that of a normal human. Werewolves possess the ability to move at extreme speeds, making them appear as a blur.
  • Enchanced Senses: Werewolves possess enhanced sight, hearing and smell, allowing them to track prey and hunt even in complete darkness. Their sense of smell is most enhanced.
  • Regeneration: The ability to quickly heal from injuries. Werewolves can heal much faster than regular humans, allowing them to recover from broken bones within a few days.
  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to magical and physical damage and injuries.
  • Infection: The ability to spread their curse through a bite. They cannot control this power, so every bite, no matter how small, will infect others.


Werewolves are vulnerable to silver as part of their curse. Silver burns their skin and a weapon of silver could be fatal. Werewolves can be killed through tratitional methods like fire and beheading and can be vanquished by certain powerful upper-level magical powers. Due to the curse, werewolves are also particularly vulnerable to Gypsy magic.

Infected werewolves, who cannot control the beast inside and are bound by the curse, are additionally vulnerable in their human form, as they cannot access their powers or shapeshift at will. In human form, these werewolves are as vulnerable as any mortal. Natural born werewolves are commonly stronger and are less affected by their weaknesses.


A bite from a werewolf will always infect those bitten, either turning them into a werewolf themselves or severely hurting or killing them in the process. Mortals and Witches will become werewolves if bitten and witches will lose their magical powers. Immortal beings cannot be infected or turned into werewolves, though the bite will act as a poison and will either severely hurt or kill them. Gypsies are immune to the bites of werewolves, due to their magic being the cause of the curse.

The transformation into a Werewolf will be complete unpon the first innocent killed. Although there is a cure, it is a secret kept by the spirits of the Gypsies that created the curse. Only a Gypsy can communicate with the spirits and ask for the cure, though they rarely grant it.


Werewolves are often mistaken for Wendigo's and vice versa. This is due to both species sharing many similarities, such as transforming into large wild animals and being affected by the full moon. However, the two species are not related and are in act bitter and mortal enemies. Werewolves hate Wendigo's with a passion and a confrontation would certainly lead to a battle to the death.

Due to the popularity of werewolves in fiction, Wendigo's are often mistaken for werewolves in culture. Most stories written about werewolves are actually about Wendigo's.