Whirling 3
Magical Characteristics
Effect Teleport through wind and air /light smoke and bright sparkling crystals / Ice
Trigger Concentrate on a being or place
Category Teleportation Ability

Whirling is the ability to teleport through a wind and air that resembles tornados or strong gusts of wind, these abiltiy is more commonly possessed by good beings or more precisely users with god inheritance who whirls in a gentle and peaceful way, while some demonic beings whirls in a more violent and destructive manner.


Crystallized WhirlingEdit

Crystallized Whirling is the ability to teleport through a combination of light smoke and bright sparkling crystals.

Cryokinetic WhirlingEdit

Cryokinetic Whirling is the ability to teleport with ice and air in tornado like ways that resemblances an avalanche-like wave of cryokinetic energy.


Smoke-Whirling is a teleportation power primarily used by Genies when being summoned or called back to their bottles. It is a combination of Smoking and Whirling. 

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