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General information
Full name Witches
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Classification Various
Species Humans
Diversity Witches
Distinction Use of Witchcraft
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Status Extant
Alignment Good & Evil

Witches are humans born with the power to naturally use magical powers and abilities, who practice witchcraft. They can be either male or female and are born with these magical traits, which they can pass them on to their children. Witch can be either be good or evil are both male and female, though female witches are more common. Witches are related to Wizards and Sorcerers.

Among the basic wiccan powers are the abilities of Spell Casting, Potion Making and Scrying. Additionally, witches are also able to sense and communicate with spirits and other magical beings, which are usually unseen by mortals. Powerful witches often also possess one or more active powers.


Good WitchesEdit

Good Witches are the protectors of the innocent and are not allowed to use their powers for personal gain. If they do, they risk their spells backfiring and causes unintended consequences. Good Witches follow the Wiccan Rede and are protectors of the Greater Good.

Evil WitchesEdit

Evil Witches are oath breakers who have renounced the Wiccan Rede. These Witches use their powers for personal gain and evil purposes. Evil Witches also punish the guilty. When a witch becomes evil, they no longer have a right to a Whitelighter. Evil Witches only serve their own dark goals and The Greater Evil if they desire.

Phoenix WitchesEdit

Phoenix Witches are a coven of assassin witches risen from the ashes of the Salem witch trials. Powerful, agile and cunning, these witches will stop at nothing to collect whatever bounty they have been hired to find. Such witches are born with the birthmark of a phoenix on their bodies as proof of their heritage. Phoenix-Witches are a clan of assassins, however, some abandon their heritage and turn to the side of good.

Unlike most witches, they have the power to strip away other people's powers, which can kill the victim if they are interrupted. They also possess several powers most often seen as demonic, such as the powers of Shimmering and the power to throw Energy Balls.

Witch PractitionersEdit

Witch Practitioners are mortals who practices magic without being actual witches and tend to treat witchcraft as a more spiritual or religious experience. On rare occasions, these practitioners are able to perform weak spells and scry, however, they will never be as powerful as magical witches.


Warlocks are most often former witches who sold their souls to evil or killed a fellow witch and stole their powers. However, one can also be born as a Warlock or be converted to a Warlock through a dark ritual. Unlike evil witches, Warlocks no longer possess a soul and are generally considered a separate species. A Warlock's main goal to acquire more powers through killing witches.


Slayer Witches are a powerful and an formidable force of good, these young female warriors who are bestowed with mystical powers, as superhuman senses, strength, speed, endurance, agility, and healing in the fight against forces of evil, who hunted and killed monsters that preyed on the innocents.

Amazon WitchesEdit



Whitelighter-Witches are the crossbreed between a Whitelighter and a Witch. They can possess the powers and abilities from both species. This union between these two species were originally forbidden by the Elders, though these relationships were eventually allowed.


Wizard-Witches are the crossbreed between a Wizard and a Witch. They can possess the powers and abilities from both species and can access Wizard powers without the use of a wand or staff due to their half-witch side.


Cupid-Witches are the crossbreed between a Cupid and a Witch. They can possess the powers and abilities from both species and can access Cupid powers without the use of the cupid ring due to their half-witch side.


Firestarter-Witchesare the crossbreed between a Firestarter and a Witch. They can possess the powers and abilities from both species. Unlike a pure Firestarter, they also possess the basic abilities of scrying, spell casting and potion making. They are not to be confused with witches and other magical beings who can shoot fire out of their hands.


Empath-Witches are future Destined Empaths and possess the magic and abilities of both species. These hybrids are unique as they are full witch and full empath. Due to the mixture of their witchcraft and empath magic, they become far more powerful than they previously were and far more powerful than a average empath due to their abilities allowing them to control other people's powers by channeling their emotions.


Ghost-Witches are the spirits of a deceased witches. They do still keep their powers in their afterlives, but are also granted the additional abilities of whispering and possession. Powerful Ghost-Witches can become corporeal through a spell or ritual, thus becoming solid again.


Darklighter-Witches are the crossbreed between a Darklighter and a Witch. They can possess the powers and abilities from both species.


Demon-Witches are the crossbreed between a Demon and a Witch. They can possess the powers and abilities from both species. These hybrids are born with a soul, which can be suppressed. They can be good, although their demonic nature most often drives them toward evil.


Dhampir-Witches are the offspring of Vampires and Witches. They are generally born with a human soul and possesses abilities from Vampires and Witches and can possess several additional abilities unique to them. Dhampirs do not possess the basic weaknesses of a vampire, except for the thirst for blood.

They are commonly on the side of good they love the humanity even though it doesn't love them back. They are mostly trained to be skilled at all forms of hand-to-hand combat. Dhampir-Witches usually reject their vampire heritage and embrace their human side.


Nymph-Witches are the children of a Nymph and a male witch. They can be male or female, though the latter is more common. Nymph-Witches are often stronger than their parents due to possessing magic from both magical species and can develop unique hybrid powers. When a Nymph gives birth to a hybrid, she will often leave the child in care of the father, as a human child would most likely not survive in the wild nature.

Related Species Edit

Gypsies Edit

Gypsy Magic is a sister tradition to Witchcraft. The High Priestess of the gypsies is called a Shuvani. She is wiser and often more powerful than other Gypsies and leads the clan. Most Gypsies are not very powerful and often rely on herbal remedies and spells. Shuvani and their children, however, are similarly powerful to upper-level witches. Some Gypsy clans possess magical items such as the Evil Eye, also known as the Waffediyok, which enhances their powers.

Gypsies are a solitary species who often reside within their own clans. To those outside, they are seen as a mysterious and secretive culture, causing them to distrust them. Gypsies are good in general, although they can be vengeful in nature and can cast terrible curses upon those that harm them.