Witches are humans - both male and female- born with a piece of The All, the spiritual magical energy that flows through all living things in enough quantity to develop active powers. Traditionally witches posses the powers of spellcasting, potion making and scrying and are born with a single active power. As they age this power will grow until the witch gains a new power related to the original one.

Scrying is a typical Wiccan power

Good witches live by the rule that they should not use their Magic for personal gain and are honor bound to fight against demonic threats. Despite this positive role witches have a rather dark history of persecution which goes back even to the times of Egypt and Ancient Greece - societies that were very accepting of magic.

Wiccan RulesEdit

Personal GainEdit

Good witches' main rule is that they are not allowed to use their magic for personal gain though this is not accurate. Young Chris Halliwell in his "punk rebellion heyday" managed to perform many feats of personal gain by writting spells that rejected the negative effects of personal gain such as restricting free will.

When good witches use magic for personal gain it will backfire in cruel often ironic ways though it never comes too extreme. An example would be that in using the power of premonition to win the lottery the bill will magically be blanked.

The only way to a good witch be free of such burden is by rejecting the Wiccan Rede though doing so will cause the witch to lose their whitelighter.

Fighting Demons Edit

Witches were long ago designed by the magical community as demon fighters and are honor bound to fight any demonic force that threats the magical balance. Often witches will gather together when the demonic threat is too great to bear, forming supernatural armies that are very rarely defeated - usualy when such feat happens is through inside manipulation.

Powerful wiccan lines like the Halliwell family have created tomes of supernatural knowledge that aids the younger wiccan generations in their eternal struggle against the forces of the underworld.

Witch TrialsEdit

Despite their role as fighters of the Greater Good witches have often find themselves targets of mortal hatred and fear. This fear usualy implodes into dreadful witch trials were people - most of them Innocent - are accused of practising witchcraft and are killed by being burned at stake.

Though through out history there have been witch trials even the most accepting of societies it was in the Modern Age when these trials truly became infamous. Hundreds of innocent women were tortured for days until they admited the most barbaric obscinities and then executed.

Recently magic was exposed and due to the actions of the Source full-fledged government supported witch trials started. These witch trials were less barbaric than the previous ones however most of the victims were actually killed by angry mobs and vogue vigilantes.

List of WitchesEdit