Witch Trials
Witch trial
Event Information
Full Name
  • Modern American Witch Hunts
Description Witches being hunted and executed by mortals
Species Involved
Event Description
Preferred forms of execution
  • Burning at the stake
  • Hanging
  • Stoning (frowned upon)

Witch Trials are events in which witches are hunted by both Witch Hunters and townspeople, often with the objective of execute them. Captured witches are either drowned, hung or burned though there are reports of witches being lynched and stoned alive. 

After Magic was exposed there was a peroid of tension between the mortal and magical communities that ended when the Source Cole Turner attacked San Francisco in a attempt to take over the Nexus and turn his ex-wife Phoebe Halliwell into his evil consort. Though the Charmed Ones - along with an army of good magical creatures - managed to defeat the demonic army and foil Cole's plan the battle caused the government to declare witches to be dangerous thus starting a wave of witch trials.


Secular TrialsEdit

Witches captured and executed by secular government forces were treated kindly as the government to follow the national laws. These witches were chained and put in electrified cells where they were under constant survailance. Once found guilty these witches were executed through

Despite this being the usual there were some government workers whose hatred of witches was so great that they were aggresive towards them. They would often beat the captured witches and use intimidation tactics against them.

Mob LynchingEdit

However most of the executions were done by rogue angry mobs and most of the executed often suffered torture, rape and starvation under these conditions. Most of the accused victims were not actually magical but mere mortals who wronged some member of the mob. 

These victims were then hanged in a public, humilliating and degradating ways. 



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